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What Is A Bat removal Service?

Bat removal services of Slidell.

We specialize in humane bat removal and are specifically trained in bat standards. Our eviction process keeps the health and welfare of the bats in mind while we protect your home and safety.

How do we get rid of bats from your attic, chimney or the walls of your home?

100% Guaranteed Bat Removal, we remove bats by exclusion only! So what does that mean? Well, in Slidell there are many single story homes made of brick and sometime wood siding – but more often they are brick homes. Usually, our work involves sealing up the brick wall where the wood trim meets the brick work and screening vents. We use the best materials to match the existing wall. Our goal is to make it look like our work belongs there and blends in perfectly. One of the best compliments we can get is when a customer cannot really tell where our work starts and the existing wall begins. This means it blended in and actually looks like it was meant to be there and not ugly orange foam or shiny clear silicone.

Bats love vents but prefer the brick entry points. Bats can actually roost in the vents but always. It really depends on the type of vent. The shape of the vent doesn’t seem to matter much but I do seem to see them in older and larger wooden vents. Sometimes you can go into the attic and actually see the bats roosting in the vent but most of the time they go down into the air space behind the vertical brick wall and are out of sight.

Homeowners often tell me that they went into the attic but did not see any bats and this is quite common.

How do you do a bat removal?

People ask me how we do it. The process is actually quite simple, the actual work can be dangerous and difficult which is why once people realize the amount of work involved they almost always hire someone to do it all. I see that a lot when things go wrong or when a home owner begins what he thinks is simple and then cannot safely get up onto the roof to the new place the bats are now using.

The process itself is to first take a walk around the exterior of the structure and look for possible re-entry points that the bats could go once a one-way door is setup. You do not want to get them out of one area of the house and then they simply enter somewhere else.

Once I spot all of those points I begin to try and figure out how long it might take to do it and how much materials I might need. Typical places to look are any and all roof returns, dormer returns, ridge-caps and that gap that is often found between the brick and the vinyl siding.

I often will schedule a bat watch during nautical twilight (usually about 5:30 AM works) to actually watch the bats return. This will show you where they get in at, and this can be just as informative as watching them leave. In my opinion it is more important, because bats don’t all leave at the same time in the evening. You could easily overlook an area that actually has bats in it when you begin to seal up!

Below are some examples of our work in the Slidell area. I can provide references on request and show you exactly how we will do it and what materials we will use.

We use the best materials we can find, to not only ensure a lasting job – but more importantly we want it to look good when it is done.

LA BAT CONTROL is a separate division of Parker Wildlife Control and my name is Charles Parker, owner of the company. I will personally show up to do the inspection and provide you with an estimate.

How much is a bat removal in Slidell?

A typical bat job & cost!

Homes in the Slidell area are often single story homes and because of that the cost is somewhat cheaper than other areas of Louisiana, however that does not mean that bat removal is cheap or cheaply done. This is not the kind of thing you “cut costs” on or go looking for the cheapest solution – you want the BEST solution.

A single one way door on a typical home runs around $350 but costs do vary based on difficulty. More than likely you will need vents screened and sealing of the wood trim to the brick line or walls and that can run from $975 – $2500 but again a linear foot cost is not always the best way to determine cost and almost ALL jobs are different.

For a complete and thorough estimate give me a call!

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