Bat Removal Services

Bat Removal Inspection

We provide a thorough and extensive inspection based on years of experience removing bats from our area. This often includes an interior inspection as well to see if there might be a possible back-flow problem. What we do not want is bats entering the interior of the home during the process.

Cost of an Inspection: $165

Bat Removal Estimate

We’ll put it all in writing so you can understand and fully appreciate what we do, how we do it and our timeline. Every home is different and we have removed bats from barns and luxury condos – if you have a bat problem we can help! 

Variable price usually free

Preventative Sealing & Bat Exclusion

Before we exclude them we need to make sure they can’t simply return and re-enter through another opening further down the wall or on th eother side of the house so we do what we call – preventative sealing. This preventative sealing makes sure all other non-use potential entry points are sealed prior to excluding the bats. This helps ensure we do it right the first time.

Variable cost: $350 - $5000 and up


Clean up after a bat problem can be the most expensive part of the process but sometimes it is not even feasible or recommended. We should be able to determine this during the inspection but sometimes we cannot know until after the bats are gone from the area.

We offer full service in this regard, starting with a light clean up if that is truly all that you need.

We offer full attic restoration and the typical process is first of all to get rid of the colony of bats. Next would be removal of the contaminated materials. This could be a small area or all of the insulation depending on the situation and yes sometimes a homeowners policy will cover this. Once the bulk of the insulation is removed then we do a fine cleaning process with HEPA filtration and a decontamination/disinfection agent. We sometimes work with an A/C specialist if the ductwork has been damaged, soiled, or otherwise contaminated.

Once the old insulation is out and everything cleaned we can install new insulation. Many times at this point we can help with energy efficiency by sealing the ductwork and fixture penetrations because there is no better time to do it and if it isn’t extensive we do not charge extra for it. We just want to do the best job possible and give you your moneys worth!

We want to make you whole again, and if your concerned about your insurance agent not fully understanding the nature of the problem (which is usually the case) we can help them understand. Claims are often denied due to the agent not knowing about the nature of the claim or fully understanding how it should be covered.

If you have any questions please give me a call!

Variable Cost: $385 to $15k and up

Bat Removal Warranty

Probably the most important part! We get rid of the bats, but what good would that be if we didn’t stand behind our work for more than a year? A one-year warranty is a joke. We offer a full 5 year warranty on our work and have warranty work still holding up for 15 years plus. When we do the work, we stand behind it and are proud to warranty it.

Usually: 5yr FREE renewable at $185/yr
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