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Yes, we provide bat removal services in Ponchatoula! We get rid of bats.

Bat removal services of Ponchatoula.

We get rid of bats for good with a guarantee!

How do we get rid of bats from your attic, chimney or the walls of your home?

We specialize in the most humane bat removal methods and are specifically trained in bat standards with an actual industry certification.

Our eviction process keeps the health and welfare of the bats in mind while we protect your home and safety.
How do we get rid of bats from your attic, chimney or the walls of your home?

We remove them by exclusion! So what does that mean? In Ponchatoula, there are many older homes made of wood and because many of them are over a hundred years old they still have asbestos shingles or an updated metal roof – but some of them are brick homes. Usually our work involves sealing up the brick wall where the wood trim meets the brick work and screening vents. In the case of a metal roof, we sometimes need to prevent bats at the corners and the ridge-cap

Bats love vents but prefer the brick entry points.

Below are some examples of our work in the Ponchatoula area. I can provide references on request and show you exactly how we will do it and what materials we will use. We succeed where other fail and we guarantee our work for a full 5 years in most cases.

We use the best materials we can find, to not only ensure a lasting job – but more importantly we want it to look good when it is done.

LA BAT CONTROL is a separate division of Parker Wildlife Control and my name is Charles Parker, owner of the company. I will personally show up to do the inspection and provide you with an estimate.

How much is a bat removal in Ponchatoula?

How much is a bat removal in Ponchatoula?

A typical bat removal & cost projections!

Homes in the Ponchatoula area are often single story homes but bats do love two story structures, however that does not mean that bat removal is guaranteed to be expensive. If it just a one-way door then the cost is $385. This is not the kind of thing you “cut costs” on or go looking for the cheapest solution – you want the BEST solution.

A single one way door on a typical home runs around $350 but costs do vary based on difficulty. More than likely you will need vents screened and sealing of the wood trim to the brick line or walls and that can run from $975 – $2500 but again a linear foot cost is not always the best way to determine cost and almost ALL jobs are different.

For a complete and thorough estimate give me a call!

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Bat removal repair photo
Terrible bat exclusion method
Properly done bat exclusion
More terrible bat exclusion method
Photo of bat removal repairs
Properly sealed entry point for bats on a brick wall

The bottom line is, there is a right way to remove and exclude bats that actually works! If your dealing with a company who does not and cannot warranty their work you are probably wasting your time. Hire someone with experience, training, and a guarantee!

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