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What Is attic cleanup?

Attic clean up and disinfection services.

After you get rid of bats you might need to clean up the mess they leave behind. Cleaning up an attic can be hot, difficult, and tiresome work. We specialize in this kind of disinfection. Bat guano is well known to host living organisms, it’s what we call a great environment for not just fungus but life itself.

How do we clean up an attic after a bat problem?

Once the bats are gone, we go in and begin by removing all of the soiled insulation. In some case it may be the entire attic. Insulation can absorb not only the urine but also the smell of the urine. This of course means that the bats must have contaminated it. Some times, in the case of bats in a brick wall the guano and urine is inaccessible. Bats often occupy the air space directly behind the brick and not actually in the sheetrock wall void. If they are in the air space, meaning between the brick and the exterior sheeting then to clean that you will have to get to it. This is important because it may not be feasible to take down the wall. The other option would be to go from the inside, cutting through the sheetrock and then the exterior sheeting often referred to as the black-board.

I know that was pretty technical (for most) but the idea is first we have to locate it. If it’s in the attic, like I siad, we cleanup the bulk insulation then using a HEPA vacuum we do a fine clean to remove the smaller contaminates. Once that is done we can spray a disinfectant. 

Once all of this is done, we can then work to make your attic more energy efficient. this is a great time to do it since everything is exposed. We can seal around the light fixtures, the A/C closet and vents. We can also look for any obvious wiring problems or have the attic wiring inspected by a pro. Once we know the attic is in good shape we can then install new insulation topping it off for a solid R30 or 45

How much is attic insulation removal & replacement when you have had bats?

This is based on a square foot cost and the level of difficulty. Confined space costs more too.

The hardest part of this is arriving at a fair figure based on the difficulty level. So first we figure out what the “regular space” is and then what the “confined space” is.

We usually break down the cost per square foot for the bulk removal, then the fine cleaning again by square foot and finally add in the cost to add new insulation.

Other factors to consider are the removal of your personal items that may or may not be affected. Things can be cleaned, wiped, and disinfected but many people just tell us to throw it all away. 

Another cost is the dump fees.

So as you can see there are a lot of things that go into doing it right. I will be happy to provide a quote 

For a complete and thorough estimate give me a call!

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removing all of the insulation as required by insurance takes special equipment!
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