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What Is A Bat removal Service?

Bat removal services of Mississippi.

We specialize in humane bat removal and are specifically trained in bat standards. Our eviction process keeps the health and welfare of the bats in mind while we protect your home and safety. We primarily service the cities Bay St Louis, Pass Christian, and Gulfport but will go to just about any small town over there!

How do we get rid of bats from under your camp, in the chimney or in the walls of your home?

Getting rid of bats when they invade your home is something we do on a regular basis. The Mississippi Gulf Coast area is a pretty interesting area because like Louisiana they have the same type of bats and a lot of the water front homes are raised on piers. Bats love to get under the camp. We sometimes find them in the metal roofs as well. More than likely we will need to rent a lift but no worries our local supplier has an office in that area as well!

Bats love vents but prefer the brick entry points, but in a camp often times the under side has been enclosed but poorly sealed. Builders leave gaps around the wood pilings that allows bats to get in. We specialize in sealing these type of structures with materials that look like they belong there. Most of the time, people shoot foam into these gaps and it looks awful! We use roofing sealants and special closures that were made to close up these builders gaps and look great!

Below are some examples of bat removals in the Bay St Louis & Gulfport area. I can provide references on request and show you exactly how we will do it and what materials we will use.

We use the best materials we can find, to not only ensure a lasting job – but more importantly we want it to look good when it is done.

LA BAT CONTROL is a separate division of Parker Wildlife Control and my name is Charles Parker, owner of the company. I will personally show up to do the inspection and provide you with an estimate.

How much is a bat removal in Mississippi?

A typical job with costs!

Homes in the Gulf Coast area are often single story homes and because of that the cost is somewhat cheaper than some areas of Louisiana, however that does not mean that bat removal is cheap or cheaply done. This is not the kind of thing you “cut costs” on or go looking for the cheapest solution – you want the BEST solution. Since we are from Slidell we don’t have that far to go. According to the authorities over there we do not need a special permit to exclude bats there either which is awesome in one respect but I am concerned for the bats were someone without experience attempt to remove bats on their own!

A single one way door on a typical home runs around $350 but costs do vary based on difficulty. More than likely you will need vents screened and sealing of the wood trim to the brick line or walls and that can run from $975 – $2500 but again a linear foot cost is not always the best way to determine cost and almost ALL jobs are different.

For a complete and thorough estimate give me a call!

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Bat removal repair photo
photo of a camp piling with bat guano under it
This is what bat guano looks like under a raised camp at a piling
photo of bat guano under a camp
Bat guano at the foot of a raised camp piling in Bay St Louis
photo of a bat on top of a camp piling
Bat under a camp on top of the piling
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