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Who does bat removal in Covington, LA? We get bats out!

Bat removal services of Covington.

When your looking for bat control in Covington, we are absolutely the best qualified bat removal company around town. Bats love it there and here is why.

Covington is a great place for bats, offering historic old homes often of brick to house our local bat population. There are also a lot of wooded areas and old growth trees. Bats love magnolia trees as well and there are plenty of them around.

We specialize in humane bat removal and are specifically trained in bat standards. Our eviction process keeps the health and welfare of the bats in mind while we protect your home and safety.

How do we get rid of bats from your attic, chimney or the walls of your home?

The first thing I do is walk the exterior of the home. I notice a lot of two story brick homes and bats do love bricks. Bats like brick homes because they slowly change temperatures, it’s a nice warm and reliable temperature. the same applies to chimneys, bat love high places. To get rid of them the first thing we do is seal off any potential non-use areas and then we install our one-way doors. this means that once we evict them they cannot simply get in somewhere else further down the wall and return to the exact spot they were in originally.

Bats love vents but prefer the brick entry points. I sometimes see them in the vent itself which is why we always screen them from the exterior whenever possible.

Below are some examples of our work in the Covington area. I can provide references on request and show you exactly how we will do it and what materials we will use.

We use the best materials we can find, to not only ensure a lasting job – but more importantly we want it to look good when it is done.

LA BAT CONTROL is a separate division of Parker Wildlife Control and my name is Charles Parker, owner of the company. I will personally show up to do the inspection and provide you with an estimate.

How much is a bat removal in Covington?

A typical bat job with costs!

Homes in the Covington area are often two story homes and because of that the cost can be more expensive than other areas of Louisiana, however that does not mean that bat removal is always too costly. This is not the kind of thing you “cut costs” on or go looking for the cheapest solution – you want the BEST solution. I try to price all jobs as fairly and as accurately as possible based on what needs to be done and not based on how much money you have, what neighborhood your in, or what kind of car you drive.

A single one way door on a typical home runs around $350 but costs do vary based on difficulty. More than likely you will need vents screened and sealing of the wood trim to the brick line or walls and that can run from $975 – $2500 but again a linear foot cost is not always the best way to determine cost and almost ALL jobs are different.

While getting bats out is easy, keeping them out long term is not. While we can do a partial service, meaning get them out of where they are now you will be well versed to understand that bats often find another way in. This is where our knowledge and experience matters most. Basically if you can stick your finger into the crevice, bats can get in there as well. This often leads us to sealing the entire roof-line. A good bat control specialist will examine the building using years of experience, not just from a roofing aspect. Your roof might be brand new or 30 years old, to a bat this is not really that important. What is super important to keep bats out is sealing these things.

Entry points for bats

  • seal the vertical wall where where bricks meet the soffit overhang.
  • seal the roof returns where the soffit meets the shingle
  • seal under the valley flashing
  • seal the ridge-cap length and ends
  • seal the perimeter of the chimney cap
  • screen attic vents from the outside with 1/4 inch hardware cloth

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