Finding a reliable and affordable wildlife removal service

When you have an animal in your attic, you are probably willing to pay about anything to get it out but you don’t have to be taken to the cleaners. You might also pay and then still have an issue, which would really be bad news.

In this article I am writing about how to avoid a really bad wildlife removal company. If your in the business already, you can spot this type of problem immediately. I can talk to a guy for about 3 minutes and tell you if he is worth hiring, but the real question is how do I know this and how can I teach you to spot it for yourself.

Here’s a list of the top 3 things that I like to call warning signs that you’re dealing with a bad wildlife removal company.

  1. Immediately discussing your homeowners insurance policy
    • This one is a sure sign you’re about to get taken to the cleaners and so is your insurance company, especially if he has not even seen any damage that might warrant even discussing an insurance claim.
    • These scammers will often actually have you sign over power of attorney to be able to discuss things with your agent. Even a hospital doesn’t do this as a regularity.
    • If you don’t want to file a claim – they can’t help you.
  2. No Insurance
    • Always ask if they do, ask who their agent is
      • There are literally only a small number of companies willing to insure a company specifically for wildlife control and chances are it is Christian Baker insurance as they were the first company to ever take on folks in our industry.
  3. No warranty
    • The least a company can do is offer a 1 yr warranty but a 5 is much better
    • No warranty can actually be legitimate but it should make sense as to why they cannot offer one.
    • Always ask for your quote in writing and it should include warranty information
      • A warranty should include what is covered, what is not covered, and how long it lasts

If you are in Louisiana here is a list of the top wildlife removal companies in the area, and yeah some of them are mine!

  • Parker Wildlife Control
    • My website
  • LA Bat Control
    • Mine also
  • Lamberts Wildlife Control
    • Friend of mine, Carter Lambert. I have known him for a long time, no complaints from other customers.
  • Trapper John
    • Another friend of mine as I am friends with most of my competitors. John does good work, no complaints and often takes on the tougher jobs in our industry like hog removal.
  • Slidell Wildlife
    • Another one of my sites – not really developed well but I plan on making it better and focused on the Slidell area as I grow my business.
  • Busy Bee Company
    • Another long time friend, I used to work for Glenn and highly recommend him for bee removal – literally the best at it.
  • Bat Removal New Orleans
    • Another site of mine with a focus on bats
  • Gulf Coast Wildlife Control
    • Another friend who I helped get started in this business, Ryan has good reviews and works hard because I really think he loves this type of work.

If you are outside of Louisiana and are looking for a reliable company check with NWCOA they have a searchable list there and it is a great resource.